Industrial Calorifiers

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Industrial Calorifiers

Although the term 'calorifier' is the generic name for a hot water storage vessel, it is specifically used to describe a large vessel working under high pressure which would be found in larger buildings such as schools, hospitals, and other industrial premises where there is a much greater demand for hot water than in domestic premises.

Our calorifiers are usually made from copper as we believe it's high tolerance to corrosion and excellent anti-bacterial properties make it a superior material to the alternatives; however, we can also manufacture units from mild steel and stainless steel.

We can manufacture calorifiers to operate with a vented or unvented system as well as direct or indirect heat sources. Our indirect units are also suitable for heat input from steam systems and can be fitted with a removable 'U' tube battery. An access manhole or a bolted head can be fitted to aid cleaning, maintenance or repair.

Our polyurethane foam lagging can be applied up to a thickness of 100mm and is the most environmentally friendly type available, with an 'ozone depletion potential' of zero and a 'global warming potential' of one. However, for a more aesthetically pleasing finish, we can offer a steel case with a metallic finish.

Stainless Unvented

Technical Information

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Pressure Reducing Valve - Max Inlet 12 BAR
Operating Pressure 3 BAR
Expansion Vessel Charge Pressure 3 BAR
Expansion Relief Valve Setting 6 BAR
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve - Pressure Setting 7 BAR
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve - Temperature Setting 90°C
Energry Cut-out Thermostat Setting 80°C
Primary Heat Exchanger - Max Working Pressure 6 BAR
Solar Heat Exchanger - Max Working Pressure 6 BAR
Immersion Heater Rating 3Kw - 240V AC



Tools & Calculators

The sizes we specify are not an absolute list and we are capable of making units a variety of different sizes. This calculator can be used to determine the aproximate volume of a unit.

Height mm
Diameter mm
Literage Litres.