Buffer Vessels

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Buffer Vessels

Unvented cylinders are designed to work at a high pressure and offer superior flow rates. This is beneficial for as it allows high water pressure for a power shower and the ability to feed several outlets. We manufacture unvented cylinders in both copper and stainless steel which both offer their own unique advantages.

Unvented cylinders have no need for a cold water feed tank and with it being supplied directly from mains water, it offers far greater flexibility than a traditional vented unit. With the unit not requiring a gravity feed or pump it can be placed anywhere in the premises.

Unvented cylinders also have the flexibility to work on a wide variety of systems; they can be fitted with coils for solar heating, heat pumps and underfloor heating. As all units are manufactured in house, they can be made to bespoke customer specifications such as tapping size and positioning.

A range of standard sizes and formats is available in the Size and Specification tab. Alternative heights from 600mm to 2000mm and diameters from the list are also available where space and water volumes are at a premium.

Stainless Unvented

Technical Information

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Pressure Reducing Valve - Max Inlet 12 BAR
Operating Pressure 3 BAR
Expansion Vessel Charge Pressure 3 BAR
Expansion Relief Valve Setting 6 BAR
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve - Pressure Setting 7 BAR
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve - Temperature Setting 90°C
Energry Cut-out Thermostat Setting 80°C
Primary Heat Exchanger - Max Working Pressure 6 BAR
Solar Heat Exchanger - Max Working Pressure 6 BAR
Immersion Heater Rating 3Kw - 240V AC

Copper Cylinders

Primary Max Working Pressure 3.5 BAR
Pressure Reducing Valve Pre-Set 2.1 BAR
Expansion Relief Valve 3.5 BAR
Combined Temperature & Pressure Reducing Valve 4.5 BAR
Max Working Pressure 3.5 BAR
Max Water Pressure (Before PRV) 12 BAR
Immersion Heater Rating 3kw 240V AC



Tools & Calculators

The sizes we specify are not an absolute list and we are capable of making units a variety of different sizes. This calculator can be used to determine the aproximate volume of a unit.

Height mm
Diameter mm
Literage Litres.