A new high efficiency hot water module allows us to now be able to offer a new range of improved stainless steel thermalstore units. The addition of this module, which has been accepted in Europe for many years, is a well proven and efficient way of drawing off hot water. Not only can it be mounted directly onto the store, but the unit can also be mounted remotely and piped to the main store. It is a simple 4 piped modular system, which, once installed and filled, only requires wiring to a 5 amp fused spur. This offers an easy to install and efficient way to provide mains pressure water to all hot outlets in your property.

Stored hot water is supplied through the primary side of the high efficiency plate heat exchanger whilst mains cold water is supplied through the secondary side of the plate heat exchanger transferring thermal energy into the domestic hot water. The primary side circulating pump is controlled by software designed to give the optimum hot water flow out of the heat exchanger. This is factory pre-set to 45˚C, however the desired temperature can be increased by the end user with the touch of a button. The unit also contains a built in internal diffuser tube to minimise de-stratification from the primary return circulating pump.


Benefits of Modfresh Tanks

  • Manufactured in stainless steel to reduce risk of corrosion
  • Insulation depth of 50mm or 75mm available (if 100mm is preferred, please enquire)
  • Metal cased finish (optional)
  • Pre-plumbed hot water module
  • Internal Diffuser tube
  • Size range from 140 to 500 litres
  • Slim-fit options available
  • Compression connections
  • Bespoke design if required.
  • Manufactured in the UK


Heat Pump


Wood Burner

A variety of heating appliances can be used to heat a thermalstore, including (but not limited to) any combination of immersion heaters (using electricity from the mains or PV panels), system boilers, biomass boilers, solid fuel appliances, solar thermal panels or heat pumps.

Whilst the primary function of a thermalstore is to store heat for on-demand, potable hot water, they can also be designed to allow for heating OUTputs, such as radiator systems, under-floor heating systems, towel rails, or even heat leak circuits if necessary.

Combinations of coils and/or direct connections for the various heat input and output applications can be specified, depending on whether each system is to be vented or pressurised.

Hot Water Module (HWM) Features

  • Draw off rate up to 30 litres per minute
  • HW output temperature can be adjusted up to 70°C
  • HWM can be mounted directly onto the store or mounted remotely and piped to the store.
  • Heat exchanger and case are both insulated
  • Simple fused spur wiring
  • Storage temperature can be set to 60°C, reducing the heat loss
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger which ensures both product life expectancy and heat transfer rates are optimal
  • Hot water secondary return available.
  • A Rated Wilo pump
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Supplied with isolating valves

Hot Water Cascade

Another benefit in the hot water module is the option to add numerous modules in a cascade; adding up to 5 modules will give a maximum flow rate of 200 litres per minute.

Control is done by a flow sensor, a single master servo motor and a slave motor for every hot water modules installed. The number of hot water modules activated is directly dependent on the volume of water required.

hot water cascade

Unit Performance Test

This test was performed on a 190 Litre tank with 70kW Hot Water Module; the maximum store temperature of 67°C and the draw off temperature of approximately 45°C with a continuous flow rate of 10-11 litres per minute resulting in a total draw off volume of 196 Litres. This was achieved over a period of 19 minutes. Higher temperature and flow rates are achievable but will be dependant on tank temperatures and volumes. The result of this test shows that much longer draw off times are achievable with the Aquinox MF Range tanks than with a traditional thermalstore unit with a coil arrangement.

modfresh draw off graph
Product Code Volume (Litres) Cased Finish 50mm Cased Finish 75MM Direct Direct E7 Indirect Solid Fuel Heating Take Off Solar
AMVTS1947 140 ltr 1405 x 475 1405 x 525
AMVTS1947 180 ltr 1775 x 475 1775 x 525
AMVTS1947 180 ltr 1325 x 550 1325 x600
AMVTS1947 200 Ltr 1955 x 475 1955 x 525
AMVTS1455 200 ltr 1445 x 550 1445 x 600
AMVTS1855 250 Ltr 1855 x 550 1855 x 600
AMVTS1460 250 ltr 1495 x 600 1495 x 650
AMVTS2055 300 Ltr 2075 x 550 2075 x 600
AMVTS1760 300ltr 1760 x 600 1760 x 650
AMVTS2060 350 ltr 2005 x 600 2005 x 650
AMVTS1670 400 ltr 1635 x 700 1635 x 750
AMVTS1770 450 ltr 1795 x 700 1795 x 750
AMVTS1970 500 ltr 1985 x 700 1985 x 750