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We at Newark Copper Cylinder are celebrating our 40th year manufacturing bespoke hot water cylinders.
Be sure to check out our About page for more on our origins.

A new range of Aquniox Stainless Steel units are now available; the Aquinox MF and Thermocube Range are alternative thermalstores that offers superior flow rates and performance.



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Newark Copper Cylinders now have an online shop which allows you to buy our standard range of units along with various spares and components.

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Who are we?

Newark Copper Cylinder Co. Ltd. are a manufacturer of high-quality bespoke hot water cylinders; We are a family business spanning three generations and have provided the nation with hot water storage solutions since 1977.

We pride ourselves in having the ability to work for our customers in designing and manufacturing a unit which meets their exact requirements and being able to quickly turn around products for our customer's convenience.
We are able to produce a wide range of products and specifications from small cylinders for use in a marine environment to domestic units and large industrial calorifiers.

We make a conscious effort to develop our products to suit an evolving demand and to sustain our natural environment; our cylinders can be designed to to work in conjunction with solar panels, wood burners, pellet boilers, ground source heat pumps and to work on either mains pressure or vented systems.
We manufacture all of our units in-house with a combination of high precision machinery and the flexibility of hands on craftsmanship.

Our Vision

We have always embraced the idea of making all of our products by hand; not only does this allow us to constantly ensure our units are of the highest quality and free from defects but also allows us to tailor our units to the customers exact requirements.

We also pride ourselves with our attitude towards customer service; we do not outsource or hire a dedicated customer service department, instead all our office staff are knowledgeable through industry experience and can give much more personalised customer service; the flat nature of our company's hierarchy also means when you call you can even be put straight in touch with a managing director.

Why buy from Newark Copper Cylinder?


As customers may have existing pipework or systems in place, we understand ease of installation is a necessity; we are able to design and manufacture a unit to suit any existing pipework.


We supply a large range of units to meet customers needs such as custom heights and diameters, fitting size and placement, inputs and outputs, coils and material.


As we are aware that customers can be in need of a replacement unit urgently, we are able to manufacture units as early as the same day, and can be delivered for the following day.

Image Gallery

stainless steel unvented unit
Stainless Steel Cased Unvented Unit
combination thermalstore cased
Stainless Cased Thermalstore Combi
blue case unit
Blue Branded Plate Heat Exchanger Unit
green cased thermalstore unit
Green Cased Thermalstore Unit
cube thermalstore unit
Cube Thermalstore Unit
multicoloured case units
Branded Case Units -
If you have a particular brand colour scheme, we are able to produce our bespoke tanks in a variety of colour schemes in order to match your branding.

How to Order

We have many methods of ordering units from us. If you have bespoke requirements we have our own Online Cylinder Designer which allows you to design your own cylinder with a variety of components to be sent to us for a quotation.

We also have our Online Store which has a wide range of our standard cylinders, however you can still customise the size of the tappings as well as add optional extras.

All units are manufactured on site and depending on the size and complexity can take as little as one day to manufacture and because of our 24 hour shipping you can expect to receive the unit the following day with optional shipping upgrades of a pre-9:30AM delivery for emergency situations.

If you wish to speak to us, we are open from 8:00AM to 4:15PM Monday to Friday and can discuss the most suitable unit for your requirements.