The Thermocube is a unit designed for maximum storage capacity in mind. It is perfectly suited to fit in an airing cupboard of other restricted spaces. Standard units are typically a cylindrical shape as the structural strength allows it to withstand mains pressure water, however because the Thermocube uses a hot water pack then a cuboid shape can be used which allows for significantly more water storage space.

Key Store Feature


• Ideal for property with space restrictions

• Ideal for single floor occupancy (FE version)

• Manufactured in stainless steel to reduce risk of corrosion

• Insulation depth of 50mm or 75mm available (100mm please enquire)

• Pre-plumbed hot water module

• Pre plumbed, integral feed & expansion tank (FE model only)

• Internal Diffuser tube reducing de-stratification

• Size range from 140 to 300 Litres

• Metal cased finish

• Bespoke sizes if required

• Manufactured in the UK



One of the main benefits of the Thermocube is that it is the additional water storage space compared to a typical cylindrical cylinder. A Thermocube unit can provide up to 40% more hot water than a cylindrical unit in the same size space.


Wood Burner


Heat Pump

The Thermocube works with a variety of different heating inputs including;

Whilst the main benefit is to draw off potable water for showers and taps, the unit can be designed to also allow for multiple heating inputs, just like a buffer vessel. Heating inputs can be from a variety of heating sources such as:


• Mains electricity (via immersion heaters)

• Solar PV panels (via immersion heaters)

• Solar Thermal panels

• A vented or sealed system boiler

• A biomass boiler

• A solid fuel appliance (such as a multi fuel stove)

• A ground/ air/ water source heat pump (additional top up by another appliance would usually be necessary in this case).


There is also the option of incorporating heat output connections, which can be used for providing heat to radiator circuits, towel rails, or underfloor heating systems.


Hot Water Controller

Key Hot Water Module Features


• Mains pressure hot water

• A hot water draw off rate of up to 30 litres per minute

• HW temperature can be adjusted up to 65˚C

• HW module can be mounted directly onto the store or mounted remotely and piped to the store

• Insulated heat exchanger and cover

• Stainless steel heat exchanger which ensures that the product life expectancy is optimal

• An ‘A Rated’ Wilo pump

• Simple fused spur wiring and it’s ready to go

• Store temperature can be 60˚C, reducing the heat loss (Compared to traditional store temperature of 75˚C)

• Hot water secondary return available

• Easy to understand controls

• Supplied with isolating valves

• Additional hot water modules can be added to create a ‘cascade’ effect, allowing for improved flow rates. Please see our Aquinox MF range for information.


Another benefit in the hot water module is the option to add numerous modules in a cascade; Please see our Aquinox MF range for information.

Unit Performance Test


This test was carried out on a 190 litre thermalstore, with:


• a 70kW Hot Water module

• a maximum store temperature of 67˚C

• the draw off temperature set to approximately 45˚C

• a continuous flow rate of 10.3 litres per minute resulting in a total draw off volume of 196 litres.

• A test period of 19 minutes.


Higher temperature and flow rates are achievable, but will be dependent on tank temperatures and volumes.


The result of this test shows that much longer draw off times are achievable with the Aquinox MF Range tanks than with a traditional thermalstore unit with a coil arrangement.

Technical Data:


Vessel material: LDX / 316 Stainless steel

Hot Water Supply module

50mm & 75mm Insulation available

Solar coil model available

22mm Thermal mixing valve

Immersion: 3kW incoloy, dual thermostat (option of 2 immersion heaters)

50mm Temperature dial gauge

Outer case: Silver finish metal clad.

Mouse over the components for a full description.

Thermocube  requires a separate feed and expansion tank

Note: The hot water module adds an additional 150mm to the depth of the unit.

Product Code Volume (Litres) Cased Finish 50mm Cased Finish 75mm Direct Direct E7 Indirect Solid Fuel Heating Take Off Solar
THC140 140 1100 x 475 x 475 1100 x 525 x 525 Y Y Y N N N
THC180 180 1400 x 475 x 475 1400 x 525 x 525 Y Y Y Y Y N
THC210 210 1600 x 550 x 500 1600 x 600 x 550 Y Y Y Y Y N
THC250 250 1700 x 500 x 500 1700 x 550 x 550 Y Y Y Y Y Y
THC300 300 1600 x 550 x 550 1600 x 600 x 600 Y Y Y Y Y Y

Thermocube FE incorporates a built in feed and expansion tank within the cased finish making the unit a neat stand alone unit, ideal for flats or single storey properties:

Product Code Volume (Litres) Cased Finish 50mm Cased Finish 75mm Direct Direct E7 Indirect Solid Fuel Heating Take Off Solar
THC140FE 140 1420 x 475 x 475 1420 x 525 x 525 Y Y Y N N N
THC180FE 180 1720 x 475 x 475 1720 x 525 x 525 Y Y Y Y Y N
THC210FE 210 1920 x 475 x 475 1920 x 525 x 525 Y Y Y Y Y N
THC250FE 250 1920 x 500 x 500 1920 x 550 x 550 Y Y Y Y Y Y
THC300FE 300 2020 x 500 x 500 2020 x 550 x 550 Y Y Y Y Y Y

We can also offer other sizes and can position connection ports to suit your current pipework. We can also supply modular plate heat exchanger and radiator packs if required


All measurements specified exclude hot water module. Please allow an extra 150mm protrusion over and above the listed depths .



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