Replacement Products

As we are a company who takes pride in being able to manufacture cylinders to a bespoke specification, we are able to manufacture cylinders as replacements for an existing installed unit.


We understand that although cylinders have a very long lifespan, they do deteriorate over time, and cylinders which are fitted to pre-installed pipework can be difficult to replace, especially if specification has changed, item is no longer produced or the company is defunct.


We are able to fully replicate any previously installed cylinder which to save both time and money by not having to replace existing pipework plumbed into the residence.


We also realise that some houses may have units made by other companies installed who are now defunct and installing a new cylinder can be costly and time consuming as the entire pipework may have to be redone. As we are about providing bespoke hot water cylinders we are able to manufacture replacement units from companies such as Churchill, H&V and Britannia.

When ordering a replacement unit, we try to make the process as quick as possible as we realise the discomfort of being without hot water for an extended period of time. For a standard replacement unit we can usually manufacture a unit the day it is ordered and have it dispatched that same day for delivery the next working day.


Firstly, a specification drawing is sent to ourselves, this can be from a detailed engineering drawing to a simple sketch.

Once the drawing has been confirmed, we will begin manufacturing the unit that same day.

A standard unit can usually be sent out that same day on a 24 hour courier, you can expect to receive it the following day.

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