Newark Copper Cylinders Partnership with Mixergy

The Mixergy Range: higher thermal performance, lower energy bills, cleaner water

Hot water in conventional tanks is wasted when it mixes with cold water from the mains supply every time a hot tap or shower is turned on. Mixergy’s innovative inlet system has been designed at the University of Oxford to eliminate this problem almost completely by ensuring that the hot and cold water is kept separate.


The design has been integrated within commercial hot water tanks for the first time with our industrial partner, Newark Copper Cylinder, who have over 35 years experience in manufacturing hot water systems.

Benefits of a Mixergy Tank


•30% Lower heat loss

•Up to 31.1% more hot water at high flow rates

•Lower bills by up to £100 a year.

•Inhibit bacterial growth.

•10 year warranty.






Tested and Certified.


The benefits of the Mixergy unit have been proven through tests performed on-site and validated by the National Physics Laboratory. The Statement of Verification explains the procedure of how the unit was tested as well as a detailed breakdown of the results of the test.


Note - Images of the unit have been redacted in the report in order to protect the design of the inlet system.


Increased Yield of hot water for the same volume.


In addition to reduced mixing, the Mixergy tank stores more energy per unit volume than a conventional cylinder, this allows for a smaller unit to be fitted with thicker insulation to reduce heat losses.


The Mixergy Electric range of tanks are designed to ensure that bacteria won’t flourish in the base, a problem that afflicts conventional designs, so that the hot water supply is cleaner and safer.






The following graph shows the Mixergy tank’s outlet temperature whilst water is drawn from it at 15 liters per minute. Compared to a conventional cylinder with the same volume, the Mixergy tank continues to deliver water at 60°C after the conventional cylinder has gone cold. The Mixergy tank can continue to deliver enough additional hot water to provide a 5 minute power shower!


The graph shows the output of a Mixergy tank compared to a conventional pressurized cylinder at 15 lpm





The output of any hot water cylinder is dependent on the flow rate. The Mixergy tank on the other hand is unaffected by the flow rate meaning that a high yield of hot water is achieved regardless of whether you want a bath or a power shower!


The graph shows the yield of hot water from a Mixergy tank compared to a conventional pressurized cylinder at different flow rates


Lower Standing Heat Loss


We have compared a 130 Mixergy tank to a 15 year old combination cylinder which we replaced in a field trial. The heat losses from the Mixergy tank are three times less than the old tank, this amounts to one cup of tea every 15 minutes when the tank is fully charged!


The graph shows Heat loss comparison between Mixergy tank and 15 year old combination cylinder

The Mixergy range is available in a wide variety of sizes suited for those intending for maximum water storage and for those with a height or width restriction.


The size of the units is including the external steel case.



To place an order, please give us a call on

01636 678437


If you want more information on R&D, please get in touch with Mixergy.



Standard Full Weight Slimline Full Weight
120 Litres 1020x550 138Kg 75 Litres 910x475 91Kg
150 Litres 1210x550 172Kg 120 Litres 1320x475 138Kg
180 Litres 1400x550 207Kg 150 Litres 1590x475 172Kg
200 Litres 1590x550 241Kg 180 Litres 1870x475 207Kg
250 Litres 1840x550 288Kg 200 Litres 2050x475 241Kg
300 Litres 1850x550 345Kg

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