How do we do it?

At Newark Copper Cylinder, we have always taken pride in our ability to manufacture bespoke hot water cylinders  and consider it our way of diversifying in the market. We achieve this not only with the skill and knowledge of our staff but with the tools and machinery they use.


An automated machine may be able to manufacture the same cylinders many times over however we excel when it comes to making a cylinder with unique requirements.


Here are some of the machines and techniques we use to make our cylinders.

We cut our sheets using a hydraulic guillotine, this is used to trim the sheets down to various sizes; we cut the sheets depending on the diameter of the finished product as a different length sheet will reduce in a different roll.

For every order placed, the cylinder is designed and punced using our state of the art CNC punch machine; holes are straight punched or nibbled in specific positions as required by the customer. This process can take as little as 30 seconds if pre-programmed to perform together with an accuracy of half a mm.

Our automated CNC rollers are used to roll stainless steel sheets to the various diameters we may require. We can pre-set the program to roll the diameter we need in one automated process as well as using it manually for custom diameters or for other products, we can even roll a sheet into a conical shape.

Our semi-automatic touch screen longditude seam welder is used to weld both copper and stainless steel seams to create a cylinder.

Our automatic double headed orbital welder is used in our manufacturing of stainless steel cylinders and is used to weld both domes to the body. We braze copper tops and bottoms onto the body by hand because copper is a much easier material to work with however this machine makes working with stainless much less difficult.

Our spray booth is used to insulate our cylinders with polyurethane foam; we can insulate the unit with as little or as much insulation as is required. The foam has been rated with a Global Warming Potential of 1 (must be less than 5) and Ozone Depletion Potential of 0.

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