Bespoke units

From our 35 years of manufacturing copper cylinders, we have always been happy to take on work designing and manufacturing bespoke copper products for many other purposes; below you will find just a small selection of the range of units we can manufacture

Other Copper Products




This cylinder was manufactured for Reaction Engines and shows the cylinder in the background connected to a liquid nitrogen tank to the right. Liquid nitrogen is forced through the coil in the cylinder which vaporises, coming out at about minus 90°C or so depending on what temp they require. It then passes through a heat exchanger installed in the small wind tunnel in the foreground.




This image to the right was taken through the vent pipe at the top of the cylinder, after they had drained the water from the cylinder following a run of the facility. It shows the coils were covered in a layer of ice several millimetres thick! They blew down approximately 250 litres of liquid nitrogen in about 15 minutes which corresponds to drawing about 100kW from the water inside the cylinder.




Manufactured all from copper, this replicated radiator tank was connected to a marine engine in a narrow boat. Fitted with heating flow and return pipes and other auxiliary pipes the original holding tank would have been manufactured approximately 50 year ago.




This rustic copper urn was created as a piece of promotional material and was designed to store and heat cider for various events.

Please get in touch if you require a bespoke copper product as we are willing to assist.

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